Our first oversea experience:


- An inspirational journey to the Ecuadorian Amazon 

Aug 23-30, 2022  
This week-long immersive experience is designed for the curious minds and adventurous souls
who are seeking an expansion of their vision through new experiences and new perspectives. 
We will spend 5 days and 4 nights at Naku Healing Center, located deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Here, we will explore the wonders and stories of the jungle and immerse ourselves in the richness of the Sápara indigenous culture. After, we will move to the region of Baños for a 2-day decompression so that we may integrate the lessons of the forest.

Part I: Into the Amazon...

We invite you to explore, learn, play and celebrate in the magical land of Sápara Indigenous Nation. We will visit the Llanchama Cocha community, where you can expect to deepen your connection to yourself and Mother Nature, and experience a life-changing shift in perspective.


Part II: Integration

After our jungle experience, we will head to the city of Baños de Agua Santa, where we will spend one day relaxing in the thermal pools, hiking, and participating in guided activities to help you integrate your experience. The following day, we will visit a Kichwa cacao farm to learn about the traditional cultivation and processing of this noble plant. We will end our day at the Shandia Lodge, featuring the traditional building materials and hospitality of the Kichwa people. 

Features of the journey  

  • Jungle trekking 
  • Culture immersion 
  • Cacao Ceremonies 
  • Daily yoga & meditation 
  • Dream interpretation 
  • Farm & Hot Spring visit  

Dream Work. The Sápara people are best known for their dream interpretations. In the Amazon, nighttime is believed to be the optimum time for stories and sacred knowledge to come to us, as it is the time we are most open to incorporate their lessons. Sápara leader Manari Ushigua will be guiding a series of dream interpretations on this journey, sharing the wisdom from the dream world.


This journey is for you if...

    • 🌳 You are ready to unplug, slow down, and get back in touch with nature and your inner self. 
    • 🌳 You are seeking new inspiration and a fresh perspective 
    • 🌳 You are feeling called to reconnect with your purpose and passion

Who are the Sápara?

The Sápara are an indigenous nation that is protected by UNESCO due to the risks they face in the modernising world.

The foundation of Sápara culture is the mutual respect of each other and the environment.

They work in the Spirit and Dream world and know that the Earth, rivers, trees, and all things have a spirit just like us human beings.


  • August 23
    Arrival at Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, Ecuador.
  • August 24
    Drive to Puyo for the short flight to the Llanchama Cocha community for Orientation.
  • August 25-27
    Stay at NAKU Healing Center. Journeys, ceremonies, yoga classes, excursions, and dream interpretations will be offered.
  • August 28-29
    Departure from NAKU to Baños, Ecuador, where we will have integration workshops and social-impact strategy sessions, and a visit to a community Cacao farm.
  • August 30
    Back to Quito

What's Included?


4 nights all-inclusive accommodations at Naku Center, 2 nights all-inclusive at Baños, 1 night accommodation in Quito


Three nourishing, vegetarian meals each day

Cacao Ceremonies

Healing Cacao ceremonies (other plant ceremonies available for an additional fee)


Excursions to Lllachama Cocha and Kamunguishi, treks in the jungle, transport to Naku and back

Daily Practices 

Sunrise yoga each day, followed by a Cacao ceremony and dream interpretations

Understanding Circular Economies

Visit to Cacao farm and audience with the Sápara Women's Collective


What's Not Included?

x Flights to and from Ecuador
x Travel insurance
x Tips & souvenir money for the Sápara community


Our Facilitators 

Manari Ushigua

Manari Ushigua is a traditional healer, a forest protector, and the leader of the Sápara Nation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. He co-founded the Naku Center, where the first part of our journey takes place. Manári will be guiding you through your exploration of the indigenous lands, as well as offering traditional plant ceremonies and dream interpretations.   

Florencia Fridman

Florencia is a self-empowerment artist working with heart opening therapies involving holistic nutrition, ceremonial cacao, yoga, sound and breath as instruments for transformation. She works closely with Mánari and the Sápara community in Ecuador. Florencia is also co-founder of Cacao Laboratory.

Our Organisers 

Cindy Chen 

Cindy is the founder of the wellness platform Villa Aether, which has its base in the beautiful outlying island of Lantau in Hong Kong. Cindy is also a registered nutritionist who has been dedicating her time to curating retreat programs and building the wellness community in Hong Kong. 

Federico Fridman

Federice is co-Founder of Cacao Laboratory and a social-impact investment advocate. He works with Sapára groups to facilitate their economic development through community-based business intitiatives.


The journey is in collaboration with Cacao Laboratory.